Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I am using this blog to help as a type of therapy. I grew up with two parents being bi-polar and neither are medicated.

This blog will not mention names to keep those who are innocent safe and those who are guilty from wanting to take out revenge.

If you’re innocent I pray that you find a way to deal with the hell you went through while growing up……

If you’re guilty; you know it….Just be happy your not sitting in jail or doing community service….etc. Just remember if you are guilty and you take this to heart and try to extract revenge then you are admitting your guilt and all your friends will know….

The following is an e-mail that I received from one of my parents right before their latest bi-polar attack….

My sweet child,
You are truly a good Christian.   You have truly forgiven me anything I’ve done or failed to do and still love me.
It is a an honor to be your mother.
Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m guessing that as long as I ignored her past abuse then I was her good girl, but I can only ignore it if it stays in the past. When she starts abusing me or my children  in the present then the past will come right back out.
These blogs are a work in progress. I have a whole life to work through. Please be patient and check back for more.
Thanks for reading